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Richmond County Jail records show he had been behind bars since Oct. Meeting this week, the Crime Stoppers board also voted to offer a reward for information on the Jan. The N.

State Bureau of Investigation, which is assisting the Hamlet Police Department, told the Daily Journal that the fire had been intentionally set. Before learning that the church has central heating and air, firefighters had theorized that an errant spark from a floorboard heater could have caused the blaze. Dover said Wednesday that investigators are still following leads and that the SBI report has not yet been completed. Falconry Shakespeare absolutely loved birds - not at all surprising for someone who grew up in the 16th century countryside.

It came into English from Old French, early in the 14th century. It is a diminutive of farde , which is the root of the modern French word fardeau - still the French word for a burden.

The Case for Oxford

According to some French dictionaries, it comes from the old Arabic word fardah - half a camel load. Carrying that around would make any life weary. Feminine Endings The vast majority of verse drama in the Elizabethan period is written in Iambic Pentameter. Pentameter means that there are five sections or feet per line, and Iambic means that these feet are all Iambs, or short-LONG stressed sections.

Rather akin to the human heartbeat, and certainly a rhythmic pattern that has given form to some of the most beautiful poetry in the English language.

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But sometimes there are more syllables to a thought than will fit into such a tight rhythm. Sometimes the playwright wants to squeeze in a little more.

Hamlet’s on Trial, Kim Foxx Is the Prosecutor, and You’re the Jury

And in this instances - often because a character is thinking about something a little more complicated or confusing or terrifying - we get a bonus syllable in the line, meaning that it goes up to eleven. Lines like this aren't guaranteed to be a signal of reflection or concern, but they certainly often are. Eleven syllables - existential crisis. If it fit neatly into a single even line, would there be any question at all?


We will obviously have to discuss this at length when we get to it, sometime in I assume! Fortune Fortuna was the Roman goddess of fortune, both good and bad. Of all of the ancient gods who were supplanted by Christianity, Fortune was perhaps the one who lasted the longest. The ghost tells him that his uncle killed him to get his crown and his wife, and makes Hamlet swear to avenge his death.


A meeting with his mother in her room, in which Polonius is eavesdropping, ends with Hamlet killing Polonius, for which he is sent to Britain. Ophelia is distraught at his death and ends up raving mad. Ophelia dies by drowning in a lake, and Laertes is killed during his fight with Hamlet.

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As it turns out, summarizing Hamlet is a harder task than I realized, but you get the picture of how mental health is used in the play. It is seen both fake and real. Claudius also uses it as an excuse to have him exiled instead of executed since Hamlet is very popular with the Danish people. Her death is still debated by scholars whether it was an accident or suicide.

These two opposing views of madness exist side by side. It is taught in high schools all over America and the world , and most of the population of the country is at least aware of it by name.

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