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It may be a painful and difficult experience because it will take you right to your limits where you must make all your best efforts to handle the challenges. But still, it is not stressful, fatiguing or unpleasant.

Stress in your life is when you cannot cope with external demands. It is the feeling of being burdened in a very unpleasant way. However, to be burdened in this way is being a mule on which others load their burdens. In good work your own inner demands direct you - not external demands. Even though your work is fine, there may still be lots of trouble.

It takes time.

Often you are quite tired when you get to the end of a job. But if you think that this specific piece of work just must be done and that you are the one to finish it, then it does not matter that you get tired. Think of your work. Does it really suit you? Do you feel like doing it?

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Are you given the freedom to carry out the work the way you want to? Are you good at your work? Is your working performance improving? If you can answer yes to these questions, then maybe you are one of those in a good job. That is what counts, even though other people perceive your job at the machine or the computer as mere routine.

Please remember that what is important is your personal experience of doing your job. If you do not like your job, it does not help you to feel better about it, even though your social environment deems it a good job. A strange and interesting feature about work in general is that it develops.

The piece of work that is felt as good and meaningful one day may very well be outworn and obsolete the next. For instance, how long will it be before sweeping, cleaning and floor washing will be carried out by crawling electronic night-time tortoises? Such robots may still have difficulties in observing the dirt as well as manoeuvring past doorsteps- but some day they will not.

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It will not be long either before a small scanner registers what is in your shopping basket in order to draw money from your bank right away, thus replacing the cashier in the supermarket. When the day comes, when electronic and mechanical devices can do the job just as well as human beings, work will lose its meaning. That is why there is no point in occupying the unemployed and receivers of social benefits by making them dig holes or produce pegs and pins.

What if you are not the right person in the right place? Well, in that case you must get on with your life. It may be wise to change things right where you are or start looking for a new job. To be stuck in a place where you are not meant to be is quite dreadful. It is not to your advantage.

Epub Health And Happiness From Meaningful Work Research In Quality Of Working Life

Yet many people remain stuck where they are and do not look for alternatives. They do not make any demands. They do not start changing things and they do not complain about anything. They do nothing. They are fatalists and gradually they become almost Quality of Life, Happiness and Meaning of Life 15 unnoticeable; they are going downhill. Year by year it goes from bad to worse - human relations, self-esteem, love life and health.

How can you endure spending seven to eight working hours every single working day without feeling alive? How can you accept that what you are doing in your life does not make your happy?

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Do you seriously believe that you can return to your home after a long day of doing meaningless work and still be happy, enthusiastic and inspiring to your spouse, your children or your friends? In order to feel at ease at your work it is necessary to understand which components in working life may contribute to improving your situation and which will not. Surprisingly enough, according to surveys carried out, pay is less important than job satisfaction.

Similarly, it looks as if the social status derived from work is of less importance, as long as one's pay covers one's basic needs and the social status is not of a debasing nature. One likely explanation is that the salary and status may comfort you in your personal life, but while on the job - working - your pay does not really matter since you do not use your money there. In most of the western world there are few people who worry about whether they can afford a pair of shoes for their children, unless their mortgage is far too high.

Nor is anyone likely to be attacked because his father is a garbage collector or a receptionist. The quality of life survey showed us that managers do not feel better than the man in the street and that professionals do not feel better than lower wage earners. It seems as if the common denominators of good work such as education, status, money etc.

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  • In this respect your relationship to your own self and your environment is far more important, which means that material comforts are given the lowest priority as compared to a good life and a good job. If we consider working life, there are four relevant conditions to be prioritised. Your relationship to your own ego has to do with quality of life. Quality of life means that you like being the person you are and that, in general, you are a positive, constructive and well-balanced human being.

    In most everyday matters we operate only on the surface of life - and we operate in depth when we are in contact with our potential and talents while trying to fulfil our dreams. Our relationship to the job is all about mastery - which means that you are doing your job excellently and show true commitment as well as being the right person in the right place, improving and developing with the relevant challenges.

    Real life-mastery may be quite problematic as most of us are tempted to keep doing what we are good at. The development of mastery demands from us that we continue our process of learning by jumping into deep water. Our relationship to those we work with is about joint efforts. You may be part of a very creative team, be it as an expert or group manager. It is crucial that you understand your part and function and that you are where you want to be.

    How to Find Meaningful Work

    It goes beyond just making money for your company. A certain amount of profit is a prerequisite for your company's survival, like the oxygen and blood sugar needed by your body. But - earning money is just as little the true meaning of work as metabolism is the true meaning of your life.

    Epub Health And Happiness From Meaningful Work: Research In Quality Of Working Life 2009

    A brain-dead person can also earn money. Life is about being valuable to yourself and one another and enterprises are created in order to make products or render services as a joint effort complying with the real needs of the environment. This requires employees who are genuinely valuable to their surroundings. It is not that difficult to imagine good work.

    It is difficult to get there, but not impossible. To get there requires confrontation with the issues that we normally associate with work. How would you for instance answer the following twelve questions in connection with a new job? At first sight, most people might think that if the above-mentioned issues are in order, the job must be a good one. The interesting thing is that these twelve issues are likely to have very little influence on working life quality.

    With regard to titles, salary and excellent opportunities for further training, it seems obvious that there is a poor correlation with job satisfaction see figure 1, showing an inconsistency between annual income and job satisfaction. Coherence between working-life quality and annual income. In a quality of life survey 2, Danes were asked to state their annual income as well as their level of job satisfaction. The diagram illustrates that well-being at work is unrelated to annual income, as all income groups feel equally well at work except for the highest income group, which shows an insignificantly higher degree of well-being than the other income groups.