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The second part focuses on the changing patterns of churchgoing and addresses anxieties about churchgoing decline in the West, which run parallel with claims about rapid church growth elsewhere.

Christian Ethics

The third part looks at changes in theological education. The author argues for greater honesty in the church and for a judicious use of both theology and sociology which would equip Christians to face the enormous challenges of our world today.

Living Together and Christian Ethics

Religion and the Environment 2. The Arms Trade 3. Media Ethics and the Lambeth Conference 4. Churchgoing Decline - A Case-Study 6.

Responses to Churchgoing Decline 7. Beyond Confessional Theology 9.

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The Cambridge Companion to Christian Ethics by Robin Gill

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This book examines evidence about church communities, showing that churchgoers are distinctive in their attitudes, beliefs and behaviour. However, these are shared by many non-churchgoers as well. The distinctiveness of church communities in the modern world is thus real but relative, and is central to Christian ethics.